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Mission and Scope | Policies & Procedures | SIU

Mission and Scope of Southern Illinois University Carbondale Main Content

[This statement appears in 1 Policies of the Board of Trustees, A.3.]

Southern Illinois University Carbondale, now in its second century, is a major public higher education institution dedicated to quality academic endeavors in teaching and research, to supportive programming for student needs and development, to effective social and economic initiatives in community, regional, and statewide contexts, and to affirmative action and equal opportunity.

Enrolling students throughout Illinois and the United States and from a large number of foreign countries, SIUC actively promotes the intellectual and social benefits of cultural pluralism, encourages the participation of non-traditional groups, and intentionally provides a cosmopolitan and general education context which expands student horizons and leads to superior undergraduate education.

Seeking to meet educational, vocational, social, and personal needs of its diverse population of students and helping them fully realize their potential is a central purpose of the university. Emphasis on accessibility and regional service which creates distinctive instructional, research, and public service programs also gives SIUC its special character among the nation's research universities, and underlies other academic developments, such as its extensive doctoral programs and the schools of medicine and law.

Committed to the concept that research and creative activity are inherently valuable, the university supports intellectual exploration at advanced levels in traditional disciplines and in numerous specialized research undertakings, some of which are related directly to the southern Illinois region. Research directions are evolved from staff and faculty strengths and mature in keeping with long-term preparation and planning.

Even as the university constantly strives to perpetuate high quality in both instruction and research, it continues a long tradition of service to its community and region. Its unusual strengths in the creative and performing arts provide wide-ranging educational, entertainment, and cultural opportunities for its students, faculty, staff, and the public at large. Its programs of public service and its involvement in the civic and social development of the region are manifestations of a general commitment to enhance the quality of life through the exercise of academic skills and application of problem-solving techniques. SIUC seeks to help solve social, economic, educational, scientific, and technological problems, and thereby to improve the well-being of those whose lives come into contact with it.