International Programs

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The office of the Executive Assistant to the Chancellor for International and Economic Development, includes the following international divisions:

  1. International Students and Scholars provides
    1. guidance in dealing with various U.S. governmental agencies, such as the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Internal Revenue Service
    2. various types of counseling (financial, family, personal);
    3. administration of international student scholarships, loans, and grants;
    4. orientation programs and advisement of international student associations.
  2. International Development provides services to faculty and staff interested in international grants, contracts, and educational exchanges; serves as a clearinghouse for information about various international activities; and coordinates visits by international dignitaries.
  3. Study Abroad aids American students and scholars by developing and administering travel/study and study-abroad programs, coordinating overseas programs (such as Fulbright Awards, British Marshal Scholarships, IREX Grants), and administering the International Student Exchange Program.
  4. SIUC-Niigata