Range Employees Committee: Operating Paper

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  1. Purpose and Duties 
    The Range Employees Committee was established by resolution of the Civil Service Council on May 1, 1985, to deal with matters of specific concern to range civil service employees. The committee shall be responsible for matters referred to it by the President of the Civil Service Council. It shall also consider and act on such other employment- and compensation-related matters affecting range employees as may be brought to its attention. It shall be responsible for making recommendations to the Chancellor of Southern Illinois University Carbondale for the distribution of salary increases to civil service range employees.
  2. Composition 
    The Range Employees Committee consists of all elected members of the Civil Service Council who are range employees plus other range employees who may be invited by those members of the committee to serve. The Range Employees Committee has established a maximum membership of 15 plus the elected SIUC representative to the Advisory Committee to the Merit Board, if that individual is a range employee (i.e., if 12 members of the Civil Service Council are range employees in a given year, only 3 non-council members can be invited to serve on the Range Employee's Committee for that year). Officers of the Range Employees Committee shall be a chair and a secretary, elected by the committee membership. By the establishing resolution, the chair of the committee is not required to be a member of the Civil Service Council.
  3. Procedure 
    Range employees who are elected members of the Civil Service Council shall meet in the month following the seating of the currently elected Civil Service Council to organize the committee for the ensuing year. Committee members who are not Civil Service Council members shall have been excused from the committee at the last meeting preceding the seating of Civil Service Council members. The appropriate number of non-Civil Service Council range employees to bring the committee to a total of 15 shall be selected at the organizational meeting and invited to serve. Members previously excused may be re-invited. The reconstituted Range Employees Committee shall meet in August to elect the chair and secretary. These officers shall serve until the following August, except if the chair should be a non-Civil Service Council member who has been excused from the committee per these procedures. In such a case, the elected secretary shall assume the duties of the chair until the election of officers at the August meeting.