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Following are the steps involved in obtaining authorization for a civil service position and for hiring personnel:

  1. The hiring unit must complete a Request for Civil Service Personnel form.
  2. In the case of a Ledger 2 account, the hiring unit must complete the Position Allocation/Request form if funding a new budget position or if requiring additional funds.
  3. The hiring unit must submit forms through appropriate channels for approval. All necessary signatures must appear on the forms before a hire can be made. 
    NOTE: At the time the fiscal officer submits the Request for Civil Service Personnel form, a photocopy of the form should be sent directly to Human Resources, thus allowing that office to review the classification, determine any affirmative action considerations, and advertise the position in a more timely fashion. A job description should be submitted with the advance copy if the request is for a new position or if the position description is changing.
  4. Human Resources, in order to expedite testing, grading, and hiring, will not advertise job vacancies for selected continuous post classifications. A list of these classifications is posted at Human Resources. Unless exempt due to affirmative action procedures for underutilized positions, other position vacancies are advertised through various media described in the section on Advertisement of Positions. Persons interested in an advertised vacancy must apply in person by noon Thursday during the week in which the advertisement appears, or by the deadline indicated if there is a holiday.
  5. Examinations for vacant positions will be administered to qualified applicants no later than Friday of the week in which the vacancy is advertised unless a university holiday requires postponement of the testing schedule. Examinations for vacancies posted for a given week and examinations for employee upgrades have priority over all other testing and grading.
  6. An employment counselor will contact the hiring unit with the names of candidates eligible to be interviewed and will review the hiring procedures with the unit.
  7. Civil Service Employment and Classification will notify all candidates eligible for the vacancy by first-class mail. Notification will consist of the name, department, and phone number of the hiring unit, and the person to contact to schedule an interview. Candidates who have previously interviewed for the classification in the hiring unit may be considered based on a prior interview. Eligible candidates will be notified by Civil Service Employment and Classification that they are being considered for the vacancy based on the prior interview with the hiring unit.
  8. Concurrently with Step g, Civil Service Employment and Classification will forward to the hiring unit copies of the notices sent to eligible candidates, one hire packet, and a supply of Candidate Assessment forms and Employment Conditions for Civil Service Flex-year Position, when applicable.
  9. In order to be fair and equitable to applicants, departments must review applications at the time of the interview. Departments may not administer tests to candidates without approval by Human Resources. (The conditions under which such approval will be granted are highly restrictive.)
  10. The hiring unit is responsible for any follow-up action in conducting and concluding candidate interviews. If candidates do not schedule an interview within the time specified in the notice they receive, the hiring unit should notify the employment counselor. If necessary, the employment counselor will contact additional eligible candidates as described in Step g. When conditions permit, hiring units may notify candidates by telephone.
  11. When the hiring unit makes a selection from the eligible candidates, the employment counselor must give clearance before the selected candidate is contacted. This will enable the employment counselor to review the entire process to make certain all eligible candidates have had an opportunity for an interview. The hiring department must also consult with the employment counselor to assure that the hiring process was conducted in accordance with affirmative action guidelines and that the rate of pay conforms with university pay guidelines and union contracts. Before an offer of employment can be made in the following cases, the employment counselor must insure that the candidate for a
    1. security-sensitive position has undergone a pre-employment background investigation;
    2. safety-sensitive position has tested negative on a pre-employment drug test.
  12. In consultation with the employment counselor, a final selection is made from the eligible candidates. The hiring unit then completes all of the Candidate Assessment forms and forwards them to Civil Service Employment and Classification. The employment counselor must receive the Candidate Assessment form for the new employee prior to the employee's first day of work. The Employment Eligibility Verification (form I-9) and the Child Support Obligation form should be completed and sent or brought to Civil Service Employment and Classification with the hire packet, no later than the first day of employment. If a Civil Service Effort Distribution for A-21 form and/or an Employment Conditions for Civil Service Flex-year Position is required, the forms must also be forwarded to the employment counselor before a new employee's beginning date.
  13. The hiring unit should schedule an appointment for the employee to attend new employee orientation and enroll for benefits.

Advertisement of Positions

Human Resources lists faculty, administrative/professional staff, and civil service position openings in three ways: a taped telephone message on its 24-hour HR INFO line (536-2116); printed listings sent weekly to all campus mail stops; and listings on the Internet. The Internet listings may be accessed in the following ways:

  1. Human Resources Home Page [https://hr.siu.edu/].
  2. Affirmative Action Home Page [https://affact.siu.edu/] Click on "Where We Are and Our Posting."

Job announcements are normally updated on Thursdays at noon. The deadline to apply in person at Civil Service Employment and Classification and arrange for testing for civil service vacancies is the following Thursday at noon unless otherwise indicated due to a holiday. Faculty and administrative/professional job vacancies each have a different deadline date, contact person, and department. Persons applying for civil service positions must complete an Application for Employment and provide all qualifying credentials, such as college transcripts, licenses, job descriptions, etc., at time of application. An employment counselor will review the application and credentials and determine if the person meets the minimum qualifications to take the examination. If a test for a classification has been scheduled and a vacancy in that classification is advertised prior to the scheduled test date, persons may ask Civil Service Employment and Classification to reschedule the test in order that they may establish their eligibility for this new vacancy.

In addition to the advertised vacancies, there are a number of civil service classifications which are referred to as continuous post classifications. A list of these classifications is posted at Human Resources. Vacancies in these classifications will not be advertised. Qualified persons interested in these classifications should arrange to be tested. As vacancies occur, only those candidates on the employment register will be considered. (For explanation, see discussion of employment register below.)

Application for Employment

Applications for Employment are considered a part of an employee's permanent employment record. Any falsification of the information on the Application for Employment or other university records may result in a) rejection of the application; or b) suspension or discharge from a civil service position. As part of the application, a Statement of Child Support Obligation must be completed and signed by each new employee at the time of hire and forwarded to Human Resources, which then forwards the form to the Illinois Department of Public Aid in accordance with Section 10-22 of the Illinois Public Aid Code. This statement reports if the applicant has a court- or administrative-ordered child support obligation and, if so, the number of the support order. The statement must also indicate if the obligation is in default. An individual cannot be discharged or refused employment because he/she is in default of a child support obligation.

Employees are responsible for keeping the application up-to-date. Employees may review and update their application by presenting their Certificate of Appointment or other form of official identification to the staff at Employee Records. Employees should update their application any time there is a job change, or if they have acquired additional education or skills, or if their biographical data has changed. The application is used as documentation to determin if the candidates meet the qualifications for admission into a civil service exam and to insure that candidates, when writing their exams, will enter the dates of employment and education accurately. The application, which should be carried to all interviews, is also reviewed by an employment counselor when determining salary for range classifications.


Following review of the candidate's application by an employment counselor, an examination may be scheduled. An examination is required for all civil service classifications and each classification has a different examination. Among the various types of tests are typing, written, rated oral interview, and physical fitness exams.

Examinations are scheduled and held at fixed times. Candidates are given appointment cards which they are requested to bring to the examination to verify their reservations. Examinations for non-advertised classifications are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 7:50 A.M. Examinations for advertised vacancies are scheduled during the week of advertisement on Thursday and Friday at 7:50 A.M. unless the schedule is changed because of a university holiday. The examination schedule for rated oral interview and physical ability examinations are determined at the time of a vacancy. Anyone arriving late for an examination will be rescheduled for a later date so as to avoid disturbing those who are already in the testing process. Information written on the examination, (i.e., job duties, date of employment or education, etc.) must coincide with the information provided on the Application for Employment.

Official notice of examination scores will be mailed to the candidate's home address. The time required for such notification to be mailed will vary according to the number of examinations administered.

Applicant Information and Testing Program

Employees and others interested in applying for the Kitchen Helper, Building Service Worker I, and Maintenance Laborer classifications must attend an Applicant Information and Testing Program, given in June and December, around the academic breaks. Testing will be administered as part of this program.

Employment Register

Candidates with passing examination scores are placed on the employment register for the classification for which they were tested. Only those candidates in a competitive position (i.e., the top three, or more in case of tied scores) are referred to a job vacancy. Candidates are notified by mail and requested to schedule their interviews with the hiring representative. Candidates may remain on an employment register indefinitely. However, there are various reasons, provided for by the Civil Service Statute and Rules (250.60.h.i), when a candidate's score may be removed.

Transferring Examination Scores to Other Universities

Employees may request to have their examination scores transferred to other universities in the State Universities Civil Service System. To be transferable, an examination score must be on an active register and must be for a classification used by the university to which the score is being sent. Employees should make this request in person and complete forms at Civil Service Employment and Classification.

Employment Interviewing

Candidates who are in a competitive position on the employment register are referred to interview for a vacancy. Candidates must present the interviewer with their applications. Since candidates have already been tested, no further testing will be administered during the interview. Prior to a selection, the hiring unit will contact Civil Service Employment and Classification to ensure that all eligible candidates have had an opportunity for an interview, to ensure that the hire is in accordance with affirmative action guidelines, and that the rate of pay conforms to university pay guidelines and union contracts.

Veteran's Preference Points

Eligible veterans with passing scores on their original entry tests may have veteran's preference points added to those scores. Preference points are not added to promotional examination scores. To receive preference points, the veteran must present a copy of discharge papers (DD214) or other suitable documentation. The following table lists the criteria and corresponding preference points for eligible veterans and/or qualifying family members:

Veteran's Preference Points

Preference Points Criteria for Eligibility
10 Purple Heart
10 Service-connected disability
10 Surviving spouse (unremarried) of veteran who suffered service-connected death or service-connected disability disqualifying the veteran from employment
10 Parent of unmarried veteran who suffered service-connected death or service-connected disability disqualifying the veteran from employment
5 Honorably discharged veteran who, during time of hostilities (see below), either served in the armed forces or was called to active duty as a member of the National Guard or reserves (a) for at least 6 months; or (b) for the duration of hostilities, regardless of the length of engagement, or (c) for a lesser period if service was terminated by a discharge for reasons of hardship
3 Honorably discharged from the peace-time armed forces after at least 6 months of service or if the discharge was occasioned by hardship
3 At least 6 months of active duty in the Illinois National Guard or the reserves and, if discharged, with an honorable discharge

Periods of Hostility

April 6, 1917 through November 11, 1918 (WWI) 
December 7, 1941 through December 31, 1946 (WWII) 
June 27, 1950 through December 31, 1976 (Korea and Viet Nam) 
June 1, 1983 through December 1, 1987 (Lebanon) 
October 23, 1983 through November 21, 1983 (Grenada) 
December 20, 1989 through January 31, 1990 (Panama) 
August 2, 1990 through present (Desert Storm)

Hiring Procedures for Underutilized Civil Service Positions

Southern Illinois University Carbondale will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or marital status. The purpose of these procedures is to ensure that qualified applicants are not bypassed on the basis of these factors and to otherwise encourage equal employment opportunity for qualified minority and female applicants.

Underutilization is defined as having fewer women and/or minorities in a particular job group than would reasonably be expected by their availability. Availability of potential employees in the five-county area (Franklin, Jackson, Perry, Union, and Williamson) from which the university draws the majority of its civil service work force is determined from the most recent Census of Population reports. Annually, the University Affirmative Action Office will update records of current utilization of women and minorities in the civil service work force to reflect hiring activity for the preceding year.

In accordance with established posting procedures, position openings will be announced with a weekly updated taped telephone message on HR INFO (536-2116); sent to the local Job Service office; sent to all campus mail stops; and listed on SIUC Online (described above in Advertisement of Positions).

  1. The hiring unit notifies Human Resources of the vacancy.
  2. Human Resources will
    1. determine whether the classification falls within a job group identified as underutilizing women and/or minorities, and if so
    2. review the civil service register to determine whether women or minority applicants, as appropriate to underutilization, are in competition on the existing register. Where such competition exists, the vacancy will not be posted unless there are fewer than 3 candidates available.(1)
  3. When qualified female and/or minority applicants, as appropriate to underutilization, are available from the register, Human Resources will notify the hiring unit (with copies to the vice chancellor(2) and the university Affirmative Action Officer) that
    1. the vacancy has been identified as an underutilized position and qualified female and/or minority applicants are available from the register;
    2. in choosing among qualified applicants for an underutilized position, the hiring official may consider the race or sex of the applicant, as appropriate to underutilization, as a positive factor in the selection decision; and
    3. if a minority or female applicant, as appropriate to underutilization, is selected, no further approval is necessary. However, Human Resources should be notified of the selection decision. If such an applicant is not selected, the department, prior to a final selection, must provide written justification to the vice chancellor and to the university Affirmative Action Officer as to the reasons for the selection. Such justification is required in order to ensure that race or sex has not been a factor in bypassing a qualified applicant for an underutilized position.
  4. The vice chancellor and the university Affirmative Action Officer will review and consider each justification.
  5. Upon the approval of the vice chancellor and the university Affirmative Action Officer, Human Resources will be notified of the approval. The notification will include a copy of the letter of justification from the hiring unit signed by the vice chancellor and the university Affirmative Action Officer. No offer of employment may be extended until the letter of justification has been received by Human Resources. Human Resources will notify the hiring unit when the offer may be extended.
  6. If qualified minority or female applicants, as appropriate to underutilization, are not available from the employment register, the Human Resources/Affirmative Action Committee will review the appropriateness of filling the position with a learner/trainee. The purpose of using the learner/trainee program will be to ensure that women and minorities have an opportunity to compete for employment in underutilized classifications. Any learner/trainee program should be established within the guidelines of the State Universities Civil Service System. Use of the learner/trainee program will be determined on a case-by-case basis, after consultation with appropriate hiring officials.

1. For example, if there were a goal to hire a female and there were no females in a competitive position on the register, the vacancy would be posted even though there were minority males on the register. If, however, there were also a minority goal and a sufficient number of candidates on the register, the vacancy would not have to be posted.

2. Vice chancellor throughout refers to the vice chancellor or comparable officer of the university having hiring and supervising authority for a major administrative unit.