Payroll Deductions

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In addition to those items listed under "Employee Benefits" requiring payroll deduction, there are a number of other programs that use payroll deduction. Some, such as tax withholding, Social Security, and retirement contributions, are usually mandatory while others are optional. Employees may at any time make changes in their withholding by contacting Employee Benefits. The following is a list and description of those possible deductions not described under "Employee Benefits":

  1. Federal and State Withholding Tax: Federal and State withholding is mandatory. Revisions (updating exemptions and changes of name or address) can be made by visiting Employee Benefits.
  2. Social Security-Medicare: For employees hired after March 31, 1986 (except foreign nationals with F-1 or J-1 visas) a mandatory deduction of 1.45% of gross earnings is withheld for Medicare. The university makes a matching contribution.
  3. Social Security-OASDI: Any employee who does not participate in the State Universities Retirement System is required to participate in the federal Social Security system. The contribution to Social Security for OASDI is 6.2% of gross salary. SIUC retirees who have returned to university employment and foreign employees on F1 or J1 visas may be exempt from participation in Social Security.
  4. Credit Union: Members may use payroll deductions to save in the SIU Employees' Credit Union or to make payments on loans.
  5. Union Dues: Dues payable to eligible employee associations and unions are authorized for payroll deduction.
  6. Debt Collection: Employees are responsible for payment of all their debts due to the university whether by contract, lease, under its rules and regulations, or otherwise. After proper written notice and an opportunity for an appropriate hearing has been given, the university may either
    1. withhold from the employee's paycheck a sufficient amount to cover the obligations due the university; or
    2. request the State Comptroller's office to process involuntary withholding of the amounts owed to cover such obligations under the provisions of P.A. 84-803, which amended Section 10.05 of the State Comptroller's Act.
    However, when an employee separates from the university and has any unpaid debts, the university, after billing or notifying the employee, will withhold from the employee's final paycheck an amount sufficient to cover the obligations owed the university. After the funds are withheld, prompt written notice of the withholding and an opportunity for an appropriate hearing to recover the amount withheld shall be given the ex-employee.
  7. The member charities are: Special Olympics, IllinoisEarth Share of IllinoisUnited WayAmerican Cancer SocietyIndependent Charities of AmericaIllinois Women's Funding FederationLittle City Foundation for Children and Adults with Mental RetardationCommunity Health Charities of IllinoisPublic Interest Fund of IllinoisUnited Negro College FundAmerica's CharitiesBlack United Fund of Illinois; and International Service Agencies. Others will be added to this list from time to time. A current list may be obtained from Human Resources. A maximum of 4 charitable payroll deductions is allowed.
  8. SIU Foundation: The SIU Foundation is a separate, nonprofit corporation which reviews and administers gifts, grants, bequests, contracts, and patents for SIUC. Employees may contribute to any approved program or activity of the university through the Foundation (e.g., memorial funds, scholarships, Friends of WSIU, MAGA). Regular, tax-deductible contributions can be made through payroll withholding by contacting the SIU Foundation.