Merit Salary Increase Guidelines

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Each civil service range employee in a status position at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is eligible for merit salary increases, provided that the employee meets the expectations of his/her position description on file with Human Resources. An employee who does not meet these expectations is not eligible for a merit salary increase.

The key factor to a merit increase must be how well an employee is fulfilling the duties established in his/her position description. Performance evaluations should be used only as a guide in determining a merit increase.

The percentage amount of merit increase for university staff will be determined by the action of the Board of Trustees. The entire merit increase awarded each eligible employee will equal the percentage approved by the Board of Trustees.

Specific detailed written documentation supporting a request to deny a civil service employee a merit salary increase must be submitted and subsequently approved by at least one additional level of administrative review. A copy of the documentation must be provided to the employee.

The distribution of salary increase funds not allocated for merit will be determined by a joint decision of the Director Of Human Resources and the Range Committee. The Director Of Human Resources will be responsible for implementing the joint decision.