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Adoption Benefit Program

The Illinois Department of Central Management Services administers a program that will partially reimburse all permanent full-time state employees for expenses incurred in adoption. The program pays eligible expenses (e.g., legal and court fees, adoption agency fees, medical and transportation costs) up to $1500 for a "waiting child" and up to $1000 for any other eligible child. (Waiting children are those of racial minorities, age 3 or over; white children, age 11 or over; children with disabilities; children who need to be adopted with brothers and sisters; foreign children, age 3 or over.) Benefits are payable for each child adopted. Adopted children are eligible for coverage under the employee's health plan. For additional information regarding coverage the employee should contact Employee Benefits.


An employee with 20 or more years of service is given, at no charge, a gold parking decal, which carries the same privileges as a blue parking decal.  (See more information at Parking Regulations, scroll down to Division IV--Decals.)

Education Assistance Fund: Civil Service

The Education Assistance Program provides financial assistance to dependents of civil service employees who are attending SIUC. Funds for this program come from tax-deductible employee contributions, income from an endowment fund, and proceeds from fund-raising activities sponsored by the Civil Service Council. In order to qualify, the dependent must be enrolled at SIUC for a minimum of six hours during the semester in which s/he is applying and be classified in an undergraduate degree program.  An exception will be made for those students enrolled in internship programs.  A dependent must also: 1) receive over one-half of his/her financial support from the employee and be claimed as a dependent on the employee's federal tax return for the current tax year; or 2) be a civil service employee's spouse and not employed in a status position; or 3) be the dependent of a retired civil service employee. 

Dependents who are candidates for an Associate Degree shall be granted up to five semesters of eligibility.  Dependents who are candidates for a Bachelor's Degree shall be granted up to nine semesters of eligibility.

The amount of the awards will be determined each semester according to available funds. Awards are distributed in equal portions to each of the eligible dependents.

Details regarding application procedures may be obtained from the Professional Constituencies office, Woody C-114.