Retirement Benefits

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In addition to those benefits provided under the State Universities Retirement System, the chancellor's office presents each retiree with tokens of appreciation including

  1. a Certificate of Service to Southern Illinois University Carbondale;
  2. an emeritus identification card used in verifying the individual's authority to request and receive services and privileges granted by the university to retirees;
  3. an emeritus, gold-colored, permanent parking permit providing the same privileges as the blue parking decal, plus free parking in most metered spaces (except those designated for patients at the Clinical Center and those marked 'Visitors Only').

Human Resources offers the following retirement-related services:

  1. group sessions on retirement;
  2. assistance in processing retirement applications;
  3. liaison between retirees and the State Universities Retirement System;
  4. information about retirees to Media and Communications Resources;
  5. assistance to retirees and spouses with respect to their continued participation in the state's Group Insurance Program.

Additional benefits include

  1. access to computing services;
  2. enrollment for course work (credit, noncredit, audit): on the same basis as active personnel;
  3. health service: with payment of a fee, use of the Student Health Service for immunization for travel to foreign countries;
  4. library: use of library facilities (including carrels, on a space-available basis) for retiree and spouses or domestic partners;
  5. office and laboratory facilities: obtainable on a space-available basis by application to the chair of the appropriate department;
  6. publications: a mail subscription to the Daily Egyptian at one-half the regular subscription rate; University Directory upon request from Telephone Service;
  7. campus recreational facilities (including the Recreation Center, at a discounted emeritus rate, and Campus Lake);
  8. Student Center discount benefits: upon request, Emeritus Courtesy Cards, available from the Student Center, entitling the bearer to a 15% cash discount or a 10% credit card discount on all University Bookstore purchases and a 10 % cash food purchase discount at the Student Center Food Service dining areas.

For a fuller description of the benefits conferred by SIU, see the Retirement Services Guide obtainable at Human Resources.