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  1. These policies affecting SIU Carbondale employees have been approved and are promulgated pursuant to Chapter 2 of the Policies of the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University. Each subject area is organized into three sections:
    1. Policies applicable to all employees;
    2. Policies applicable only to civil service employees;
    3. Policies applicable only to faculty and administrative/professional staff.
    These policies do not contain matters that are essentially procedural, nor do they include material based on policies of federal or state agencies, such as the State Universities Retirement System, the State Universities Civil Service System, or Central Management Services. Such information may be found in the SIUC Employees Handbook and in the publications of the appropriate federal and state agencies. These SIU Carbondale Personnel Policies and other SIU policies and procedures may be found on Online at the SIU Carbondale Policies and Procedures Web site:
  2. The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the implementation of an effective program of personnel administration including but not necessarily limited to the following:
    1. implementation of the total personnel program for employees within the provisions of the State Universities Civil Service System and such other statutes (state and federal) as may be applicable;
    2. recruitment and employment of qualified civil service personnel;
    3. classification of civil service positions;
    4. creation and maintenance of a sound program of internal employee and labor relations;
    5. maintenance and security of all personnel records and information systems;
    6. administration of the university benefit program;
    7. administration of a wage and salary program for civil service and administrative/professional staff;
    8. coordination of training and development programs.