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[The following was approved on May 16, 1995, with amendments on May 14, 1998, in accordance with provisions set forth in SIU Board of Trustees 2 Policies A-C.]


The policy regarding notification of nonreappointment of faculty is contained in Tenure Policies and Procedures, II.C (2 Policies C.3.g).

Administrative/Professional Staff

  1. Term Appointments: A term appointment is employment for a specified period of time. Term appointments may be renewed; however, reappointment to such a position creates no right to subsequent employment or presumption of a right to subsequent employment (2 Policies A.15). Such appointments expire at the end of the term stated in the notice of appointment; no separate notice of nonreappointment will be given for such appointments by the university (2 PoliciesC.3.g).
  2. Continuing Appointments: A continuing appointment is one which is automatically renewed each year unless the appointee is given notice in writing of nonreappointment. The written notice must include the reasons for nonreappointment and must be given in accordance with the following schedule (2 Policies A.4 and C.3.g):
    1. First appointment year: no less than six months notice in advance of expiration of the appointment.
    2. Second and subsequent appointment years: no less than twelve months notice. If a notice period extends into the following fiscal year, the final appointment need extend only to the date twelve months following the date notice was given in writing to the staff member.
    On and after the date of the notice of nonreappointment, the addressee of said notice shall hold his/her position under the conditions pertaining to term contracts.
  3. No notice period need exceed the length of the appointment. (Notice periods shall be proportionally shortened for appointments of less than an academic or fiscal year.)