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[The following was approved on May 23, 1996, in accordance with provisions set forth in SIU Board of Trustees 2 Policies C.]

A staff member with a tenure rank at Southern Illinois University who has, or is to be assigned, an administrative payroll title is, after appropriate concurrence, to be assigned a monthly salary rate on a fiscal-year basis. This rate is to be based on the individual's experience and on the assigned administrative responsibilities and level of duties.

A staff member holding a tenure rank and serving an administrative position on a fiscal-year basis is subject to reassignment to an academic-year appointment for teaching, research, or service duties within the university in the fiscal year following the period covered by the current notice of appointment, or during the current fiscal year if the reassignment is for cause. In cases of reassignment from the administrative position, either by request of the tenured faculty member or by administrative action, the following guidelines will pertain:

  1. The monthly salary rate to be effective will be recommended by the appropriate administrative officers after consultation with the individual to be reassigned. The recommendation is subject to approval of the chancellor and ratification by the Board of Trustees.
  2. In determining the amount of the monthly salary, the following will be considered:
    1. the nature of the reassignment position;
    2. the individual's experience, academic qualifications, service to the university, and similar factors;
    3. the salary range within the university for the academic rank within the school or college to which reassignment is made. (Little or no change in monthly salary is anticipated if the monthly salary is within the range for persons of the same experience, length of service, and academic rank within the university.)
  3. Contractual agreements for appointment, reappointment, and change of appointment, must specify the following conditions:
    1. that the salary and appointment is for the current assignment (the contract should state the rank and percentage of appointment in the academic department or unit); and
    2. that should reassignment occur at the end of this appointment period or during this appointment period for cause, the monthly salary and terms of appointment will be negotiated following established guidelines.