Repayment of Educational Loans

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[The following was approved on May 23, 1996, in accordance with provisions set forth in SIU Board of Trustees 2 Policies C.]

Under state law, employees of all Illinois agencies, including SIUC, may not be in default on the repayment of any educational loan guaranteed by the Illinois State Scholarship Commission or made from state or federal funds for the purpose of attendance at an institution of higher education.  Any employee in default for a period of longer than 6 months and in an amount of $600 or more shall, as a condition of continued employment, make a satisfactory loan repayment arrangement with the maker or guarantor of the loan.  Furthermore, all new employees must sign a statement certifying that they are not in default on such loans.  Should an employee fail to establish a satisfactory repayment arrangement prior to the completion of the sixth month of employment, employment shall be terminated.