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This policy sets forth the process by which student input will be accomplished in proposed changes to general student fees, and fees and charges for funded debt entities at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, as prescribed by Illinois Board of Higher Education and Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees policy.  This policy applies to the fees and charges delineated in 4 Policies of the Board A2a2 and A2d.

Deliberations concerning changes in fees and charges to students should be initiated no later than the fall semester of the academic year prior to the year in which the changes will take effect.  The unit considering a proposed fee increase should first attempt to fund increased costs through existing resources within the unit.  Only after these efforts have been exhausted, should deliberations of a fee increase be held.  These deliberations should include any considerations relevant to the unit responsible for the expenditure of revenue generated by the specific charge.  The deliberations must include an evaluation of the necessity of the increase and should compare projected costs to the need of the increased fee.  These deliberations may also include planning assumptions from other administrative units within the campus hierarchy, perceived needs within the responsible unit, discussion by unit or service advisory boards, input from student conducted referenda, and review by any unit in the administrative structure between the responsible unit and the Office of the Chancellor.  Any proposed changes to a fee coming from the units will be presented to the Office of the Chancellor by an officer who reports directly to the Chancellor. 

At least 60 days prior to the Board of Trustees meeting when the Board first considers a proposed change to a fee as a “notice item,” the proposed change must be submitted to the student constituency groups.  During the 60 day period, the student constituency groups will have an opportunity to disseminate the proposed change, to deliberate and take a formal position, if desired.

Any action by the student constituency groups prior to the campus submission to the President will be included in the campus submission.