Employee Guidelines for Medical Leave

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  1. Contact your department immediately if you are going to be out more than 3 days for your own medical condition or to care for an ill spouse, child, parent, or domestic partner.  Extended Sick Leave applies to civil service employees only and can be used for an illness of a spouse, child, parent or domestic partner.
  2. Contact Employee Records (HR) to receive a medical leave packet.  This packet can be mailed to you, picked up at the HR Records office, or accessed on the HR webpage, and it will include the following:
    • Certification of Physician or Practitioner Must be completed by the physician and include-
      § Diagnosis
      § Treatment
      § Recovery period

      It is recommended the employee take a copy of their current job description to help the physician in completing the certification.  Job descriptions can be obtained at 803 S. Elizabeth, Employment and Classification.

    • Extended Sick Leave/Worker’s Compensation Reimbursement Agreement
    • Medical Release
    • Your Rights under the Family & Medical Leave Act

    If the form is not completed with all required information, the approval of your leave will be delayed until the appropriate information is obtained.

  3. Once HR has received the Certification of Physician, it will be reviewed and a letter will be sent to you with a copy to your supervisor indicating whether or not you are approved for Extended Sick Leave and/or Family and Medical Leave.  The letter will also state an approximate return to work date.  If you are unable to return on that date, additional information from your physician will be necessary.
  4. Intermittent leave schedules should be coordinated thru Employee Records prior to the start of your leave.  In some cases, intermittent leave schedules are subject to coordination with your department.
  5. If the absence for your health condition promises to exceed 60 calendar days, notify Employee Benefits about applying for disability.
  6. You will remain on the payroll until all of accrued benefits available to you have been exhausted.  If your leave continues beyond this time, please contact HR Records for other leave options available to you.
  7. When the doctor releases you to return to work, you must provide Employee Records with a copy of the release.  If your doctor has listed “restrictions” on your release, you must provide a copy PRIOR to your return.  HR will review the restrictions to determine if you will be able to perform your duties according to your job description; or your department will be contacted to determine if they can accept the restrictions listed.  You CANNOT return to work with restrictions until/unless the University agrees to accept the limitations.
  8. If you have any questions concerning the medical leave process, please contact Employee Records at (618) 453-6698.

Visit the HR website for more information or to obtain forms at http://hr.siu.edu/.