Civil Service System

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Non-academic employment at SIUC is governed by the State Universities Civil Service System of Illinois, which is separate and distinct from any other state, municipal, or federal personnel system. The system, which is governed by the State Universities Civil Service Merit Board, was established to provide uniform and sound personnel administration in all state universities in Illinois and to ensure that all civil service certification, appointments, and promotions are made solely on the basis of merit and fitness as determined by examination.

State Universities Civil Service System Statute and Rules

Employees with civil service appointments are subject to the State Universities Civil Service System Statute and Rules, which is the primary reference governing civil service rules and policies, and those policies covering civil service and other employees in 2 Policies of the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University. In addition, civil service employees are subject to the "Civil Service Personnel Policies" and other duly promulgated university policies, many of which are reproduced in this handbook. Human Resources is responsible for the application and administration of the Statute and Rules and university policies.

Merit Board Employee Advisory Committee

State statute provides that the Merit Board, one of whose members is from the SIU Board of Trustees, have an Employee Advisory Committee, counselling the Merit Board on all matters pertaining to civil service employment, consisting of no fewer than 19 civil service employees elected to 4-year terms from their respective constituencies, as follows: University of Illinois-Urbana (4 members); University of Illinois-Chicago (3 members); University of Illinois-Springfield (1 member) Division of Specialized Care for Children (1 member); and 1 member each from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, SIU Medical School, and the 7 other Illinois state universities. At SIUC a candidate for the Employee Advisory Committee must currently have a full-time, certified status appointment in the civil service system and have been serving at least 3 consecutive years at SIUC prior to obtaining the nominating petition and statement of candidacy.

The Director of Human Resources, who coordinates the election for representative to the Employee Advisory Committee, posts notice of the election at least 39 days prior to the date of election. Nominating petitions, available from the Director of Human Resources 32 days prior to the election, must be signed by at least 25 eligible voters and submitted, along with an official statement of candidacy, no later than the close of business 25 calendar days prior to the election. All civil service employees, excluding temporary, provisional, student, and extra help, who are employed at the time of election, are eligible to vote and will be granted the time to vote without loss of time or pay.