Reimbursement for Staff Meetings

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[The following policy was approved on December 1, 1989.]

I. General Policy

It is recognized that staff meetings may, as a matter of convenience, include meals, particularly when such meetings include representatives from several university departments and/or other campuses. Staff meeting expenses may be incurred under the following guidelines.

II. Guidelines

  1. Non-Salaried Employees and Students
    1. Non-salaried staff members and students are eligible for reimbursement for the cost of meals included in meetings, in reasonable and proper amounts, when they, as members of university committees or of student government-appointed committees, are working with the staff on university business.
    2. Meals may be provided or meal cost reimbursements may be given to non-salaried staff members and students in accordance with employment agreements, including situations in which students serve as volunteer workers.
  2. Staff Members
    1. Conditions: The cost of meals for a group consisting entirely of university staff members may be charged to a university account, in reasonable and proper amounts, when official university business is conducted and the meeting is not a social event.
    2. Group Payment
      1. External Vendor: If paid on a group basis, the expenses of a meeting of staff personnel may be reimbursed at actual cost, provided such expenses are itemized in detail on the invoice voucher. The itemization is to include the purpose of the meeting, the number of people attending, the cost of each meal, and, if applicable, the cost of any lodging. To process the payment to the outside vendor, the voucher must have an invoice or statement from the vendor attached.
      2. University Facilities: When university facilities are used (e.g., the Student CenterTouch of Nature, Housing Food Service), internal transfers of funds will occur; however, supporting information consistent with the requirements for utilizing outside vendors should be kept by the fiscal officer and upon request made available for review of the expenditures by management and/or auditors.
    3. Individual Payment: If paid by individual staff, the maximum reimbursement rates specified by the State Travel Regulations apply. Such requests for reimbursement are to be submitted on a travel voucher and charged against travel line items for those in travel status. For persons not on travel status, a reimbursement is not permitted under the provisions of the State Travel Regulations.
  3. Non-University Personnel 
    The cost of meals for a group consisting of both university staff members and non-university personnel may be charged to a university account, in reasonable and proper amounts, provided that the meeting involves the conduct of official university business and is not a social event. Provisions for payment are similar to those specified in above B.2.a and B.2.b, relating to meetings of staff members from different headquarters.
  4. Offset of Costs 
    If any costs are offset by amounts collected from members of a luncheon or dinner group, the invoice voucher must show a reference to the record of such monies and be deducted from the cost of the meeting.
  5. Restrictions 
    In no case will reimbursement be allowed for alcoholic or tobacco products.