Faculty and A/P Staff

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The faculty consists of all persons holding academic rank (2 Policies A.8). Only faculty are eligible for sabbatical leaves and for tenured appointments. The usual faculty contract shall be for the academic year and shall carry with it the obligation to perform ancillary duties, such as syllabus development, grading, student advisement, and attendance at commencement exercises, which may require actions just before or after the calendar dates of academic terms. Faculty shall have the right and duty to participate in the formulation of academic policy affecting the performance of their duties, both by direct participation within their academic unit and through their elected representatives (2Policies C.1.c.1-4).

Administrative/professional staff are the principal administrative appointees as determined by the Merit Board governing the State Universities Civil Service System (2 Policies A.1).

The general conditions of employment of faculty and administrative/ professional staff are set forth in the Southern Illinois University Personnel Policies promulgated by the university chancellor and approved (2 Policies C.1.c.).