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[The following was approved on May 23, 1996, in accordance with provisions set forth in SIU Board of Trustees 2 Policies C.]


The University Affirmative Action Office (UAAO) is responsible for developing, coordinating, and monitoring the university's affirmative action employment program. The implementation of this program is ultimately the responsibility of the chancellor, the vice chancellors, deans, and all administrators who have responsibility for personnel actions. A function of the UAAO is to develop and implement procedures and policies which comply with all new and existing federal and state affirmative action/equal employment opportunity guidelines and regulations.

Policies on Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

  1. Board of Trustees Policy 
    In accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois and the United States, the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and is committed to taking affirmative steps aimed at overcoming historical patterns of discrimination in our society. The Board of Trustees directs that all elements of Southern Illinois University adhere to procedures which promote this policy in all phases of university activities including employment, educational programs, choice of contractors and relationships with employee organizations (Statutes of the Board of Trustees, Article VII).
  2. SIUC Affirmative Action Policy Statement
    It is the policy of Southern Illinois University Carbondale to provide equal employment and educational opportunities for all qualified persons without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, status as a protected veteran, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, or marital status. The university is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action and will continue to conduct all personnel actions in accordance with the letter and spirit of applicable state and federal statutes and regulations, including Executive Order 11246 as amended. Personnel actions include, but are not limited to, recruitment, hiring, position assignments, compensation, training, promotion, tenure consideration and award, retention, lay-off, termination, and benefits.

    The university recognizes that the barriers of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, status as a protected veteran, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, or marital status of some individuals have resulted in their denial of full participation in all societal functions and is, therefore, committed to taking affirmative steps aimed at overcoming such historical patterns of discrimination in our society. The University's Affirmative Action Program identifies special actions intended to bring such groups into full participation in all aspects of university life. Through its Affirmative Action Program, Southern Illinois University Carbondale is committed to:
    1. increased numbers of minorities, females, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans in all aspects of SIU Carbondale employment with special procedures applicable to those positions determined to be underutilized[1]for minorities, females, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans;
    2. cultural and educational diversity in the curriculum and environment of the university;
    3. removal of barriers to minorities, women, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities;
    4. support of the principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action in an effort to redress the consequences of past societal discrimination and to maintain a positive non-discriminatory educational environment.
  3. The responsibility for coordinating and monitoring compliance with the University's equal employment opportunity/affirmative action policies is assigned to theUniversity Affirmative ActionOfficer. Implementing and assuring compliance with these policies is the responsibility of the Associate Chancellor for Institutional Diversity and each Vice Chancellor.[2]In addition, each Dean, Director, or other staff member involved in the recruitment and hiring process must ensure compliance with the spirit as well as letter of the policies and procedures. Many involved in the staff selection process assume that others are responsible for the success of the affirmative action program. It is a basic assumption of SIU Carbondale's Affirmative Action Office that all administrative levels and especially Deans, Directors, Chairs, faculty and all hiring administrators are responsible for fostering and enhancing institutional diversity. The initiating hiring officer has the primary responsibility for maintaining the integrity of these affirmative action policies and procedures and is ultimately accountable for attaining diversity within his or her staff.

SIUC Employment Policies

While the federal regulations do not outline in specific detail the types of recruitment efforts expected, Southern Illinois University Carbondale has made the decision that merely meeting minimum requirements is not sufficient for producing equal employment opportunities and creating a staff of the highest quality and diversity. To achieve a heterogeneous pool of qualified candidates needed for faculty and administrative positions, it is necessary to have broad "good faith" searches and vigorous recruiting. A strong commitment to equal opportunity by all members of SIUC is vital if this institution is to achieve its goal of equal opportunity employment. The goal of recruiting and retaining diversified and qualified personnel is best realized when the university's commitment is backed by vigorous and aggressive recruitment efforts.

The highest priority of SIUC is maintaining excellence in its teaching, service, and research activities while fulfilling its commitment to diversity among its faculty and staff. An effective affirmative action employment program will support this institutional effort. This priority can only be met by careful and thorough searches each time a new faculty or administrative/professional appointment is to be made. (Civil Service procedures do not necessarily utilize the same search procedures). Expending additional effort to locate and recruit qualified candidates from among legally recognized protected groups will increase the diversity of the candidate pool and diversity of SIUC staffing.

  1. Role of University Affirmative Action Officer (UAAO) 
    The responsibilities of the Affirmative Action Office are broad. The office works closely with the Associate Chancellor for Institutional Diversity, vice chancellors, colleges, schools, deans, directors, and other administrative offices in order to develop and supplement the university's affirmative action policies in general and employment program in particular. The office is also responsible for providing information both inside and outside the university. With the assistance of the University General Counsel and Associate Chancellor for Institutional Diversity, the office attempts to keep the university community informed of changes in equal opportunity and affirmative action laws and regulations, and to promote the concepts and efficacy of affirmative action programs.

    The UAAO should be viewed as a service provider as well as compliance monitor. In addition to employment-related personal services to all staff, the Affirmative Action Officer is available to assist with search committee formation, serve on search committees, provide information regarding non-traditional recruitment sources and training workshops regarding various aspects of affirmative action.

  2. Role of Hiring Administrators 
    Again, the responsibility for implementation of and commitment to the university's affirmative action policies is required at all levels of the university administration. The Chancellor of SIUC is ultimately responsible for ensuring equal opportunity for all applicants and for implementing the university's affirmative action policies. Unresolved complaints regarding the administration of these hiring procedures by the vice chancellor and/or the Affirmative Action Officer may be brought to the chancellor for review and redress. Affirmative action is a continuous activity that takes place within each unit, college, department, and division of the university.

    In the academic departments and other administrative units, it is the responsibility of departmental faculty and of the chair or the unit supervisor to ensure proper compliance with the policy. The vice chancellors and the deans/directors are responsible for review of the department/unit activities which concern appointments, reappointments, promotions and other personnel actions relating to faculty and staff in order to assure that academic and administrative policies and procedures are followed.

    In other administrative units, it is the responsibility of the vice chancellors to review and approve actions, such as recommendations for appointments, and to ensure that the appointments are consistent with all university policies and procedures, including those related to affirmative action.

    1. Underutilization is defined as having fewer minorities, females, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans in a particular job group than would reasonably be expected by their availability.
    2. In this document reference to vice chancellor includes all officers, regardless of title, who report directly to the Chancellor of SIUC.