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[The following was approved on September 27, 1996, in accordance with provisions set forth in SIU Board of Trustees 2 Policies C.]

It is entirely appropriate to use the best available textbook for any given course, regardless if the textbook is authored by the faculty member teaching that class. Such assignment, however, should be able to stand the test of being reviewed by a group of peers. This policy is designed to ensure that proper professional consideration has been given to the use of a particular book and that such use will stand the test of professional judgment. Potential for financial gain will not enter into any such decisions. A faculty member's choice of textbooks will be governed by the following policy:

  1. A faculty member may use in a course a textbook of which he/she is an author without seeking approval from the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor as long as the book was peer-reviewed, published by a publishing house in which the author has no financial interest, and is intended for adoption and use by institutions of higher education.
  2. A faculty member may not receive any commission or royalty for his/her published books or notes used in SIUC classes that do not meet the conditions of item 1, above. Notes and text material reproduced by other than commercial publishing houses are not eligible for royalty payments. When such notes and text material are required in SIUC courses, the faculty member will make a circulating copy available to any student who wishes to make copies at his/her own expense.
  3. There shall be no charge to students for a course syllabus.
  4. The faculty member shall file a record of use of materials covered in items 1 and 2 for each course with his/her department chair and the dean of the college, and shall revise that record when changes occur.
  5. A faculty member shall be required to report income royalties from textbooks in accordance with the SIUC Conflict of Interest policy.
  6. A faculty member assigning royalty-generating books in his/her courses is encouraged to choose (as many commendably do) to make commensurate gifts benefitting the university, the department, or the students. The faculty member should not be required to make such a gift, however, or to return or redirect royalties received.