Tuition Waivers for Employees

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[The following was approved on May 23, 1996, with amendments on November 30, 1998, and September 10, 2001, in accordance with provisions set forth in SIU Board of Trustees 4 Policies A.6.a.]

  1. The university grants full waiver of tuition for undergraduate and graduate courses for the following: all SIUC employees on pay status, SIUC retirees, employees on leave or layoff.  Employees on extra-help civil service appointments are not eligible.  (Employees on pay status must be employed during the term for which the waiver is applied.)  Appointees with 0 percent appointments are ineligible to receive tuition waivers.  The waiver is not applicable to professional programs, i.e. School of Law or the School of Medicine.
  2. The waiver benefit does not limit the number of credit hours that may be taken each semester. However, since the Graduate School has established a limit of 8 graduate hours per semester for full-time employees (a limit of 6 graduate hours for summer semesters), full-time employees seeking to register for hours that exceed these limits must seek approval from the Graduate School.
  3. Employees with appointments of less than 50 percent time must pay the Student Health fee and will be eligible for that service. However, a refund of this fee will be extended to the employee if proof of duplicate medical coverage is provided to the Administrative Director of the Student Health Programs or his/her designee. Similarly, a refund is authorized for those employees precluded from use of theStudent Health Programs by unusual or extreme geographic conditions (4 Policies B.12).
  4. In the case of civil service employees, work time lost in attending classes may either be made up at a time mutually agreeable to the employee and supervisor or charged against the employee's accumulated vacation. Lunch hours, which are not considered basic work time, may be used as make-up time. In some instances, the Director of Human Resources may, to further the best interests of the university, require or authorize civil service employees to take courses during working hours. In such instances, the employees are not required to make up lost work time.