Department Chair Responsibilities

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The Department Chair is the chief academic, administrative, and fiscal officer for the academic Department and serves at the pleasure of the Dean. The Chair is responsible for overall management and leadership of the unit and is expected to contribute to the mission of the University. Specific duties include, but are not limited to: Planning, development, coordination, review, and administration of undergraduate and graduate instructional programs to enhance learning outcomes of Departmental majors; as well as students enrolled in service courses offered by the Departmental faculty; ensuring faculty excellence through effective recruitment, retention, and evaluation of personnel; maintaining effective recruitment, retention, and degree completion rates of students enrolled in the unit; providing educational leadership, fostering excellence, and creating a culture of increased research, scholarship, and creative activity among faculty; developing and recommending budgets to the Dean, as well as administering approved budgets and controlling expenditures within the unit; promoting alumni relations and representing the Department to various constituencies; conducting all business and activities in compliance with applicable law, policies of the SIU Board of Trustees, University Policies and Procedures, the College and Departmental Operating Papers, and other guidance and directives of the Dean; and fostering an environment that advances Institutional goals regarding diversity and intolerance of discrimination.