Emeritus Faculty Organization

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The Emeritus Faculty Organization is a unit of the Emeritus Association. All emeritus faculty who are members of the Emeritus Association are automatically members of the Emeritus Faculty Organization. The Emeritus Faculty Organization assists faculty in augmenting and enhancing the academic life of the University through special efforts in keeping with the interests and talents of the individual emeritus faculty member. This group meets periodically and appoints a representative to the Faculty Senate and the Graduate Council. It assists faculty with the transition from active status to retirement status. It encourages such faculty to seek out ways to continue their relationship with the academic life of the University through informal teaching, service, and research. Even though most opportunities are voluntary on a non-pay basis, it is recommended that the faculty anticipating retirement should meet with their chair, director, or dean ahead of the time of actual retirement and discuss potential ways of being involved and the guidelines followed by the department in facilitating such activities. Those faculty who have an interest in being formally employed on a part-time basis should discuss the needs the department or unit has that one might be able to fill. For more information write to the Emeritus Faculty Organization, c/o Special Projects and Events, SIUC, Carbondale, IL 62901-6827 or call 453-5306.