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Since its formal organization in 1956, Southern Illinois University Press has published over 1,400 books, earned the notice and approval of such distinguished review media as The New York Times and The Times Literary Supplement and received many awards for its publications. At its present rate of publishing over 60 books a year, the Press ranks in the upper half of the more than 90 American university presses.

The primary mission of the Press is to publish the results of scholarly research that, because of its subject and audience, are not readily acceptable for publication by a commercial publisher. To be published by the Press, manuscripts must make a substantial contribution to the disciplines with which they are concerned. The Press encourages the preparation of such work and invites members of the faculty and staff to consult with and make proposals to the Press regarding their writing and research. Such collaboration increases the range and vigor of scholarly activities within and without the Southern Illinois University system.

A secondary mission of the Press is to publish titles of special interest to our region. Many books of this kind appear in the Press's Shawnee Books, a series of studies dealing with the people, geography, and history of southern Illinois.