Identification Cards

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A new employee receives notice of his/her employment along with a Certificate of Appointment, shortly after he/she begins working. The employee should sign and carry this Certificate of Appointment. If a change occurs in employment status, a new notice of employment and Certificate of Appointment will be issued reflecting the change. In July of each year, all employees receive new Certificates of Appointment which indicate an updated fiscal-year expiration date. Employees are required to surrender their Certificates of Appointment to Human Resources when they cease to be employed by Southern Illinois University.

A Staff Identification Card should be obtained at the administrative office of the Student Center by presenting the Certificate of Appointment or other documentation verifying the employee's employment status. The Staff Identification Card is an official identification for access to university facilities and services. Loss, mutilation, or theft of the ID card, which is the property of SIUC, must be reported to the Student Center ID Card office.

An employee may obtain a Spouse/Domestic Partner Identification Card by presenting proper identification at Employee Records. This card, which permits a spouse or domestic partner to gain access to some selected university facilities and services, must be renewed for each new appointment period or fiscal year.