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The university provides a benefits package that includes some programs fully paid by the employer, others partially paid by the employer, and others fully paid by the employee. That portion of the benefits package that includes state-paid programs, such as employee health and dental insurance, is administered by Central Management Services, an agency of the State of Illinois. The State Universities Retirement System administers the retirement program. Employees with appointments of four months or more are required to participate in the retirement program. The state health, dental, and life insurance benefits are available to employees hired at 50% time or more for a period of at least eight months. If, however, an employee is hired at 50% time or more and the contract is for less than eight months, due to fiscal constraints or grant restrictions, health, dental, and life benefits may be provided if it is the intention of the hiring department to continue the employment. In such a case, the department chair or director may write to Employee Benefits requesting that benefits be provided. Such a letter must clearly document that continued employment is intended for at least eight months if performance is satisfactory and if funds are available.

Current employees are encouraged to make appointments to visit Employee Benefits whenever they have questions or wish to discuss changes in their benefits package. For benefits provided through the State of Illinois, most changes in coverage can be made during the benefit choice period announced each spring by Department of Central Management Services. However, many changes may be made at other times. Information about changes in the benefits package is regularly communicated to employees in the Human Resources newsletter, Campus Concerns.

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