Complimentary Ticket

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The following guidelines and procedures shall govern the offering of complimentary tickets to events open to the public for a charge at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. A complimentary ticket is defined as a free-of-charge ticket offered by the university for a particular event.

Generally, complimentary tickets may be offered to encourage first-hand knowledge and promotion of the university's programs, to promote good will for the university or in recognition of continuing support of the university's programs and activities. Complimentary tickets will also be provided in accordance with contractual requirements for the event.

Directors of affected areas (directors of Athletics, Arena, Shryock Auditorium, etc.) shall develop a list of categories of recipients of complimentary tickets, which list must be submitted to the appropriate vice chancellor for approval.

Each director shall record the number of tickets issued within each category for each event and forward an annual report of total complimentary tickets issued during each fiscal year to the chancellor through the appropriate vice chancellor. Each director shall maintain a record of all complimentary tickets issued for each event, including names of recipients.

All complimentary tickets issued shall be in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations of associations or conferences of which the university is a member.