Performance Evaluation of A/P Staff

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This procedure applies to all full or part-time administrative/professional staff members regardless of the source of funding for their departments or programs.

The job performance of administrative/professional staff members shall be evaluated through either a formal or informal process, or a combination thereof. Informal evaluation and feedback should be an ongoing activity by supervisors and employees. Depending on the needs of a given unit, some units may prefer a structured and formal evaluation process combined with an informal process while others may achieve their operational goals through just an informal process. The evaluation process should seek to make clear the employee's duties and responsibilities as stated in the position description; to give the employee an understanding of the supervisor's job performance expectations in light of those duties and responsibilities; to provide for regular communication between employee and supervisor about the employee's performance of those duties and responsibilities; and to enable the employee to improve job performance and to develop professionally.
  1. Formal annual performance evaluations are normally based on the calendar year effort, with the evaluation process being conducted between January 1 and March 31 of the following year. The formal evaluation form can be found at: Formal evaluations shall be required if the employee makes such request to their supervisor.

  2. During the first month of the evaluation cycle (normally in January), or within the first three months of employment, the supervisor is encouraged to meet with the employee to review the position description, to communicate his/her job performance expectations, and to establish the optional performance factor which will be rated at the end of the evaluation cycle.

  3. The supervisor, in scheduling the conference to discuss a formal annual evaluation, will provide the employee with sufficient notice to prepare for the conference.

  4. The supervisor(s) who directly supervised the employee during the evaluation period should conduct the formal annual evaluation conference. The evaluation may contain input from others, including the supervisor's supervisor, and may also contain self-evaluation from the employee.

  5. Following the conference and upon formal evaluation completion, the evaluation should be submitted to Labor and Employee Relations ( before inclusion in the employee's official personnel file in Human Resources. The employing department must provide the employee with a copy of the evaluation.

  6. Since performance evaluations are based on duties and responsibilities contained in the position description, the supervisor and employee should periodically review the accuracy of position descriptions, updating them as needed.