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  1. Notice of resignation: An employee planning to leave the university should give notice to the employing department.
    1. Civil Service: 2-week notice
    2. Faculty and A/P Staff:
      1. Continuing appointment: An official notice of resignation should be processed at least 3 months prior to the effective date of resignation.
      2. Term appointment: No notice of resignation is required if the employee remains until the end of the contract term. If the appointee wishes to resign early, an official notice of resignation should be processed at least one month prior to the effective date of resignation.
  2. The resignation form should contain the following information:
    1. For faculty on a 9-month academic basis:
      1. If the resignation is effective at the end of a semester, the effective date should be shown as "December 31 (year)" [i.e., end of fall semester] or "May 15 (year)," [i.e., end of spring semester whichever is applicable].
      2. If the resignation is effective other than at the end of the fall or spring semester, the actual date and time should be shown: for example, "Close of Business on (monthdayyear)."
      3. If the faculty member has an appointment for the summer session and is resigning effective as of the end of that session, the effective date should be shown as "August 15 (year)" [i.e., end of summer session].
    2. For all employees on a 12-month fiscal basis and for civil service employees on some other appointment basis, the actual date and time of resignation should be shown, for example, "Close of Business on (monthdayyear)."
  3. For all employees described in b.1 and b.2 above, the employing department must submit a completed Faculty, A/P, Civil Service Resignation/Separation form in every case (including term appointees who have reached the end of their final appointments) through administrative channels. All information requested on the form must be provided and, if desired, additional information may be presented in a covering letter. The department representative must contact Employee Records to verify final payable sick leave and/or vacation balances for all resigning staff. The final nonpayable sick leave balance will be documented in the employee's official personnel file for possible reinstatement should the employee return to university employment in the future. Failure to confirm and document final benefit information may result in overpayment or underpayment of vacation and/or maintenance of erroneous benefit information in the employee's official university records. If an employee returns to SIUC employment within 30 days of resignation, he/she must, as a condition of reemployment, repay to the university any funds received as paid sick leave and vacation.
  4. Once the resignation form is completed and verified, the resigning employee may visit Employee Benefits for a final exit interview. Topics covered at this interview may include
    1. continuation of health and life insurance;
    2. options regarding contributions to the State Universities Retirement System;
    3. employee's reactions to his/her SIUC employment experience.
    If a resigning employee wishes to walk the papers through for cash payment, the exit interview must be held on the date of separation. Resigning employees who have not had an exit interview on or before the date of separation will be notified by mail of insurance and retirement options once the Resignation/Separation form has been processed through Employee Benefits.