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The chair, dean, or director should be notified of the official retirement date of the retiring employee.[1] The department head should advise the individual to contact Human Resources immediately in order to complete the SURS documents and to schedule the retirement exit interview. The department is required to process a Faculty, Administrative/Professional and Civil Service Staff Resignation/Separation form through regular administrative channels to Human Resources.

Transition to Retirement

For faculty contemplating retirement, it is suggested that they meet with their chair, dean, or director even prior to official action to plan their transition to retirement status and explore ways that their potential involvement in the academic life of the university might be continued on a voluntary basis. Such individuals may wish to contact the Emeritus Faculty Organization for further information about the pre-retirement seminars and related steps to facilitate the transition to retirement.

1. Prior to January 1, 1994, under federal law, faculty were required to retire on or before their 70th birthday. Since that date, age-related mandatory retirement has been discontinued.