Installment Payment Plans

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[The following provisions governing installment payment of tuition and fees were approved on June 10, 1983, with amendments on April 9, 1990, October 3, 1997, September 15, 2006, July 9, 2007, and May 13, 2011, January 15, 2015 and April 9, 2020.]

Tuition and fees for students at Southern Illinois University Carbondale may be paid in installments through the university Billing/Receivables System under the plans described below. This statement of university policy and procedures with respect to installment payment of tuition and fees is to implement 4 Policies of the Board of Trustees, Appendix A-21, authorizing installment payment of student fees at SIUC.

I. Tuition and Fee Payment (Excluding Off-Campus Military Programs)

  1. General Policy
    1. All student fees and other financial obligations to the university are payable as billed either by school terms or in installments hereunder, and no student shall be allowed to register for classes in any educational unit if they have a past due balance greater than $1,500, except upon authorization of the Provost and Vice Chancellor.
    2. Students may pay obligations to the university in installments.
    3. The basic criterion for eligibility for installment payments is that the student must be attending classes on the Carbondale campus or School of Medicine campus in Springfield.
  2. Installment Definitions
    1. The student account statement will bill the total amount for the month's billing period.
    2. The student may pay either the total of the bill or enroll in the installment payment plan.
    3. The total amount due is calculated by the sum of the following:
      1. All unpaid charges from previous billing period in addition to charges other than registration and student housing for the current billing period.
      2. The appropriate amount for the current semester's net charges for tuition, fees, course charges and student housing, after deduction of financial aid. Once enrolled in the installment payment plan, the installment amount will be calculated as approximately equal payments of the unpaid balance of the current semester's charges over the number of installment period's available to the student at the time of registration. The number of installments are determined as follows:

        Registration Period

        Registration Period

        Fall Semester last day to enroll Number of Installments
        July 30 4
        August 30 3
        September 30 2
        Spring Semester last day to enroll
        December 30 4
        January 30 3
        February 28 2
        Summer Semester last day to enroll
        May 30 2
        June 30 1

        [Above dates may vary slightly from year to year.]

    4. Payment Schedule 
      The schedule of the initial installment payments will vary with the time the student registers.
      1. Registration: Students registering in this time period will be required to pay all past-due amounts greater than $1,500. The initial payment for all semesters will be due August 10. The balance of the assessment may be paid over the remaining installments.
      2. Late registration beginning on the first day of classes: 
        Students registering in this time period will be required to pay all past due amounts greater than $1,500 and the late registration fee.
  3. Application of Adjustments 
    Adjustments of tuition and fee charges caused by class adds or drops will be applied equally to the remaining installments at the time the change is entered into the receivables system.
  4. Inclusions/Exclusions from System 
    All on-campus students, including the School of Medicine, Carbondale and Springfield, will be able to use the installment process. Off-campus students, and non-credit students in Continuing Education programs are excluded from using the installment process.
  5. Sanctions
    1. Registration: No student shall be registered until the student has paid all past due charges greater than $1,500.
    2. Charges: A service charge of 1.5 % will be assessed on the balance of the minimum amount due which is unpaid at the next billing cycle if not utilizing the installment payment plan.
    3. Others: Other sanctions which will be applied to students who have past due balances in their accounts include:
      1. withholding enrollment;
      2. withholding future re-admissions;
      3. withholding transcripts;
      4. withholding diplomas.

II. Tuition/Fee Payment For Off-Campus Military Program Students

  1. Policies Common to All Students
    1. Basic Rule: Payment is the responsibility of the student. SIUC will assist the student wherever possible to process the paper work for the various financial assistance programs; however, the responsibility for payment rests with the student.
    2. Bar on Registration: A student may not register for the next semester if they have a past due balance greater than $1,500.
    3. Graduation: A student will receive neither a diploma nor a transcript until all receivables have been paid.
  2. Classification of Students
    1. For payment purposes, students are classified as Self Pay or Third Party.
      1. Self Pay (self-explanatory)
      2. Third Party
        1. Third party guaranteed: payment by a party (other than the student) directly to the university, e.g., military tuition assistance, some corporate tuition assistance plans, federal Pell grants, state of Illinois grants, student loans.
        2. Third party non-guaranteed: payment by a party to a student then payment to the university by the student; e.g., VA educational assistance, some corporate tuition assistance plans.
  3. Payment Schedules
    1. Self Pay: Self-pay students must pay the semester hour charge in full or enroll in the installment payment plan. Bills are created on the 15th of the month with a due date of the 10th. If a student has a past due balance greater than $1,500, they will have a registration hold.
    2. Third Party
      1. Third party guaranteed students pay only the portion, if any, of the semester hour charge not covered by the third party guaranteed payment. Payment for this portion follows self pay rules.
      2. Third party non-guaranteed students are considered to be self pay students. These students follow self pay rules except during their first semester when they may elect to defer payment on one-half of the payment due for the first two installments and add the payments due to the last two installments.
  4. Exceptions 
    Exceptions to this payment policy may be granted only by the Provost and Vice Chancellor or designee.