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[The following was approved on May 9, 1995, in accordance with provisions set forth in SIU Board of Trustees 2 Policies B and C.]

  1. An employment contract may be tendered to an individual who does not yet have the appropriate terminal degree for the rank advertised if the candidate can demonstrate that there is a real likelihood the degree requirements will be completed before the beginning date of appointment. Under such circumstances, the contractual agreement will contain a contingency clause stipulating the following: in the event that the new appointee has not completed the degree requirements by the beginning date of appointment, he/she will be appointed at the lower rank at a reduced salary. Contingency appointments are subject to the following conditions:
    1. the contingency clause is not to be continued on any reappointment application beyond the one containing the original contingency clause;
    2. evidence about the candidate's degree status must be submitted with the employment contract, such evidence ordinarily being a letter from the candidate's dissertation adviser indicating a realistic completion date;
    3. contingency clauses will be consistent within each college in the amount of salary reduction which will occur should the candidate fail to complete degree requirements by the beginning date of appointment;
  2. The conditions affecting faculty members who have been hired in a lower rank, in accordance with the policy described above are as follows:
    1. If during the initial appointment year the faculty member successfully completes the degree requirements, submitting proof of same to his/her dean/director, his/her rank will be adjusted to the higher rank (i.e., assistant professor in most cases) at the commencement of the next appointment year. His/her salary will be similarly adjusted to the rate for the higher rank specified on the original employment contract, including an annual salary adjustment, if any.
    2. If the faculty member fails to complete the degree requirement by the end of the initial appointment year, subsequent appointment is at the discretion of the university, as defined in the university's policy on term appointments (see Tenure Policies and Procedures III. C. 5. and policy on Non-reappointment section II. 3. within policy. If the faculty member is reappointed, he/she must be reappointed at a rank prescribed by the policy on Non-Tenurable Faculty Appointments II. C. 6.