Compensation Policy for Range Employees

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[The following was approved on May 30, 1995, with amendments approved by Chancellor Wendler on November 1, 2006.]

Entrance Salary

  1. New employees possessing excess qualifications within the job description may be given up to 2% per year to a maximum of 10% above the minimum of the salary range upon the recommendation of Human Resources and agreement of the hiring department.
  2. Human Resources will evaluate the employment record and salary history of former employees returning to a classification in which previously employed after a break in service of less than 6 months. Based on this evaluation, a determination as to proper entrance salary will be made. In most instances, this will mean being restored at the former rate of pay. It may or may not include increases which others may have received during the break in service. Employees with more than 6 months break in service and those employed in a class other than in which formerly employed will be hired in the same manner as other external candidates.

Promotional Increase

  1. When an employee receives a promotion, the salary will be increased at least to the base of the range for the new class. If the employee has excess qualifications, an additional amount up to a maximum of 10% above the new base, computed in the same manner as new hires, may be granted.
  2. When an employee's salary is above the new base, the promotional increase will be up to 10% of the employee's current salary.

Human Resources will refer external candidates at the base of the range for the class. Current employees will be referred at the rate at which they are eligible under the above guidelines. In those instances where an external applicant is selected for hire, Human Resources will evaluate the applicant's qualifications to determine with the hiring official the appropriate rate of pay. In those cases where employees are being promoted in their own position, the appropriate salary will be indicated in the letter recommending the upgrade.

Within Classification Salary Adjustments

A within classification salary adjustment may be used to recognize exceptional performance, increased responsibility, or change in education and/or experience requirements related to the position. An adjustment may also occur when there has been a significant change in responsibilities, but upon evaluation, it is determined that the changes do not warrant a reclassification or reallocation of the position. Justification for a within classification salary adjustment of up to 7% must be submitted, in writing, through administrative channels to the appropriate Vice Chancellor or equivalent. Any request must have at least two levels of administrative approval. No employee will be eligible for more than one within classification salary adjustment per fiscal year, except in unusual circumstances with clearly-demonstrated justification. All requests for a within classification salary adjustment must include a copy of the employee's performance evaluation and position description, dated within the preceding twelve months.