Researcher Positions: Guidelines for Classification

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[The following was approved on May 23, 1996, in accordance with provisions set forth in SIU Board of Trustees 2 Policies C.]

  1. A researcher position will be classified by the department head according to the position's responsibilities and education/experience requirements.
  2. The classification of the new researcher position is subject to the review and approval of the appropriate dean and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Budget and Personnel) or designee.[1]
  3. At the beginning of each fiscal year, researcher positions will be reviewed by department heads, in consultation with supervisors and appropriate deans, to determine
    1. the appropriateness of the classification of each position with respect to the duties performed, and
    2. the qualifications (education and experience) of the incumbent with respect to eligibility for promotion.
    If this review indicates that a higher classification may be appropriate, the department head should submit a recommendation to reclassify the position. The recommendation must be accompanied by required documentation.[2] A reclassification is subject to the review and approval of the dean and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Budget and Personnel) or designee. A request for a classification review may also be initiated at any time by an individual researcher or supervisor. Normally such a review will not be conducted more than once each fiscal year.
  4. At the time a position is reclassified, an appropriate salary increase, funded by the department, will be granted. Under normal circumstances, the new salary must be at least as much as the minimum for the new classification, with 5% as the minimum promotional increase. This increase will not affect any annual salary increases for which the employee may be eligible.
  5. When the source of funds supporting an employee's position changes (change of account), the employee's salary will remain the same. However, when an employee applies for and is selected to fill an open position following a search, this change will be treated as any new appointment.

1. A completed Researcher Classification Worksheet and job description must be submitted with each request for a new position.

2. A new position description, a letter recommending reclassification of the position, and a completed Researcher Classification Worksheet.