Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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  1. Purpose
    SIUC’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) policy (the “Policy”) has been implemented to protect the safety and privacy of faculty, staff, students, visitors and the community; to protect University buildings and property; and address liability, insurance and regulatory concerns while facilitating the use of UAS technology for research, teaching, business operations and outreach activities. This Policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, University contractors and visitors.
  2. Definition of an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)
    For purposes of this Policy, the term UAS means the unmanned aircraft and all of the associated support equipment, control station, data links, telemetry, communications and navigation equipment, etc., necessary to operate the unmanned aircraft.

    The unmanned aircraft is the flying portion of the system, flown by a pilot via a ground control system, or autonomously through use of an on-board computer, communication links and any additional equipment that is necessary for the UA to operate safely.
  3. Permitted Uses and Operation of UAS and Approvals
    1. Recreational Uses. The use of UAS on or in University owned, rented or leased property and buildings by any person for recreational purposes is strictly prohibited.
    2. Uses including Research, Teaching, Business Operations, Outreach and Third-Party Operations. No one may operate a UAS on or in University property or for University-related purposes not on University property without the approval of the University.  Anyone planning to operate a UAS on or in University property, or for University-related purposes not on University property, must submit an application to operate the UAS via a process that is defined by the University.  Applications to utilize UAS for research, teaching, business operations and third-party operations are subject to the review and approval of the University and should be submitted to the Office of Facilities and Energy Management or its designee.  
  4. University Authority
    The Director of Facilities and Energy Management is authorized to implement this policy and to delegate administrative functions necessary to assure compliance by the University community.
  5. Sanctions
    Violations of this policy will be addressed through the appropriate discipline policies or procedures.
  6. Grievances
    Grievances may be directed to the Office of Facilities and Energy Management. 

Adapted from Washington University: https://ehs.wustl.edu/drone/, 12/3/2015.