Use and Control of University Property

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[The following was approved on April 21, 1986, and revised upon the approval of the Chancellor on January 18, 2005, in accordance with provisions set forth in SIU Board of Trustees 6.Policies C]

These regulations are issued pursuant to Policies of the Board of Trustees C.6, to provide guidelines and procedures intended to assure that university property is used only for the educational, research, or public service purposes of the university and in accordance with the requirements of the Illinois Property Control Act and other applicable laws and regulations governing state property.

General Policy
Property belonging to Southern Illinois University Carbondale is controlled under the provisions of the State of Illinois Property Control Act, and is subject to the regulations of the Department of Central Management Services as "state-owned property." The chancellor of the university is accountable for supervision, control, and inventory of all state-owned property in the custody of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. These custodianship duties and responsibilities have been delegated as outlined below.

Private Use of University Property Prohibited

The private use of university property is not permitted. No one connected with the university in any capacity may use any university property of whatever description for any personal purposes. The Board of Trustees policies further provide that it is a misuse of university policy to

  1. give university property to, permit its use or consumption by, or to use or consume if for the benefit of any person, group or organization within or outside the university, except in pursuit of the public purposes of the university;
  2. waste, abuse or neglect university property to its damage, destruction, or impairment of function or useful life.

Custodianship Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Unit Responsibilities: The unit officers have been delegated the responsibility of maintaining proper accountability and control of the equipment within their jurisdiction. The custodianship of property purchased by or assigned to a unit is the responsibility of the unit officer. Each unit officer shall have the following specific responsibilities regarding university equipment:
    1. know the location of all equipment inventoried to each account and assure that it is reasonably secure from possible theft and other hazards;
    2. assure that assigned equipment is being utilized in the best interests of the university;
    3. provide assistance as needed to Property Control personnel in taking inventory or placing identification tags on equipment;
    4. complete an annual verification of the status of departmental inventory on a timely basis and complete required forms provided by Property Control;
    5. confirm the accuracy of all reports received during equipment inventory and report any errors;
    6. discourage theft and loss of university equipment by fixing responsibility for its maintenance and proper use.
  2. University Procedures and Operation: The Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance has been delegated the authority to develop and issue necessary campus procedures and to provide general supervision of the property control function, consistent with Board and university policy and guidelines and state regulations. The Property Control department is primarily responsible for the maintenance of inventory records, identification of equipment by department and location on campus, and satisfying the requirements of accountability of all assets and reporting to the state Department of Central Management Services as required.

Removal of University Property

  1. General Rule
    Generally, no one is permitted to remove from university premises any property belonging to the university, even though it may seem to be of no value, unless it is removed under established guidelines.
  2. Guidelines and Approvals

    Temporary Removal: University property may be temporarily removed from university premises when it is determined by the unit officer and dean or director, if required, that such removal will advance the university programs or activities of that unit. Overnight or weekend removal of university property must be approved by the unit officer and the removal and return must be recorded in a log maintained in the department. All other requests for removal of property must be submitted in writing on the “Equipment Loan” form and include a statement of purpose. The unit officer and the person or entity to which the property is assigned must certify that the property will be used exclusively for university-related business or activities, and agree to assume responsibility for custodianship of the equipment during the time it was removed. Furthermore, the person or entity to which the property is assigned will be liable for any losses, damage or destruction, or impairment of function or useful life of the property that may result due to negligence or carelessness. The written approval will specify the period of time the property is to be away from campus, not to exceed one year. All temporarily removed property must be returned to the assigned unit within the designated period, unless written approval has been obtained for the extension of the period of removal.

    Equipment Identification

    1. All university property with a value of $2500 or more is required to be identified with a barcode tag or similar marking. In addition, the inventory number is printed on the equipment in an inconspicuous location with a marking device to facilitate identification if the barcode tag has been removed. This is especially true of items which have been identified as those at a high-risk of loss.
    2. The fact that a piece of equipment is valued at less than $2500 and is not accountable as movable equipment does not relieve department unit officers or staff members of the responsibility for the prudent use, care and safeguarding of the item. No piece of equipment should be considered to be expendable based only on its value being less than $2500 and its not being identified with an inventory tag number.
    3. Equipment Items that do not receive a barcode tag because of their value or nominal useful life will be tagged with a decal stating "Property of Southern Illinois University Carbondale."
    4. When any equipment is no longer needed by a unit, it should be turned over to Surplus Property following the appropriate protocol.

    Inventory Reviews

    1. Annual Verification Review: As a requirement of the State of Illinois Property Control Act, each university department is required to review and verify its equipment inventory annually. Each department will be provided a list from Property Control of all equipment within the department's jurisdiction, and an Inventory Verification form. The unit officer must ensure that a physical inventory is conducted to verify the location and tag number of all items on the list. Any discrepancies should be noted and the applicable equipment form(s) completed if necessary. When the inventory is complete, the unit officer should sign the Inventory Verification form and submit it to Property Control, along with any accompanying forms.
    2. Periodic Internal Review: Property Control also maintains a continuing program of review. A sample of items will be reviewed and physically inventoried in certain campus departments on an annual basis. This review is intended to assist the department and the administration in identifying and correcting discrepancies and problem areas.
    3. Selected Examination for State Property Control: In addition to the internal reviews, the Illinois Department of Central Management Services may request a review of selected accounts under certain circumstances.