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Following is an alphabetical list of the document titles available on the SIUC Policies and Procedures server. If the title is that of an official policy, to its right is the approval date of the original policy or, if it has been amended, of its most recent amendment. (Clicking on the date will take you to a page which describes ownership of the policy and the amendment process for the policy.) In the case of other titles referring to informational statements or to summaries of federal or state law or policy, no approval date exists, and in those instances the letters NA (not applicable) will appear in the date column. The highlighted text in the leftmost cell of each row is a link to that document. Clicking on it once with your mouse cursor should display the document.


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Absences, Reporting 06/20/1996
Academic Freedom: Rights and Responsibilities 06/12/1980
Activities Involving Minors 05/08/2012
Adjunct Faculty Appointments 05/23/1996
Administrative Closure Procedure 03/01/2018
Administrative Closure Procedure (Unpaid) 11/05/2010
Administrative/Professional Staff Council, Operating Paper 11/08/2016
Administrative/Professional Staff (definition) NA
Admission Policies 03/20/2015
Automated External Defibrillator (AED) policies 07/17/2009
Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity 04/22/2014
AIDS Policy 08/26/1988
Alcohol Liquor Management Policy 04/19/2017
Alcohol/Drug Abuse: Policy and Procedure for Mandated Assessment
Americans With Disabilities Act: Grievance Procedure 11/01/2010
Animal Control Policy 09/29/2011
Annual Service, Period of 05/04/1995
Appointment of Faculty Contingent on Completion of Academic Requirements 05/09/1995
Associate Chancellor for Institutional Diversity 11/01/2010
Automatic Teller Machines 07/23/2012


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Benefits, General Description NA
Benefits, Miscellaneous NA
Bereavement, Leave for 10/05
Black Staff and Faculty Council, Operating Paper 07/19/21
Board of Trustees NA
Break Periods (Civil Service) NA
Broadcasting Service NA


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Campus Concerns NA
Campus Governance NA
Career Services NA
Cash Handling and Deposits 10/01/2017
Chancellor 11/01/2010
Changes in Employment Status (Civil Service) 05/23/1996
Chemical and Biological Compliance 05/05/2010
Child-Care Centers NA
Civil Service (definition) NA
Civil Service Council Bylaws 08/07/2019
Clear and Present Danger 03/10/2014
Clery Act Compliance 09/16/2014
Clinical Center NA
Code of Ethics (Faculty) 06/12/1980
Collective Bargaining 05/23/1996
Commencement Participation 07/06/2012
Compensation Plan (Nonresearch A/P) 08/09/2007
Compensation Policy for Continuing Education and Internal Consulting Activities 05/23/1996
Compensation Policy for Range Employees 07/29/2021
Complex for Forensic Anthropology Research Policy 06/16/2014
Complimentary Ticket Policy 04/07/1981
Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment 08/1/2021
Consenting Relationships 05/16/2001
Continuing Education 05/23/1996
Conversion of Term to Continuing A/P Appointment 10/17/2010
COVID-19 Paid Administrative Pay Policy 5/5/2022
Creation of Positions and Approval or Ratification of Appointments, Tenure, and Leaves 02/25/1981
Credit Hour 01/09/2020
Credit Union NA


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Daily Egyptian NA
Data Security on University Computers Sold, Donated or Transferred 02/24/2005
Dean and Provost of the School of Medicine NA
Dean Responsibilities 09/29/2011
Debt Collection 05/01/1986
Declaration of Major 03/01/2014
Demonstrations: Regulations and Procedures 10/8/2013
Department Chair Responsibilities 09/29/2011
Deposits and Cash Handling 11/20/2002
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics NA
Disability Services for Students 07/24/2013
Disaster Relief Services, Participation in 10/05/2006
Disciplinary Action (Civil Service) NA
Disciplinary Action and Termination for Cause (Faculty and A/P) 05/26/1993
Discrimination (including sexual harassment) Complaint and Investigation Procedures 2/21/14
Domestic Partner Policy 05/16/2006
Dress Code (Civil Service) NA
Drugs and Alcohol: Disciplinary Sanctions Relating to Illicit Use 10/24/1995
Drug and Alcohol Use By Employees Performing Safety-Sensitive Work 08/02/1995
Drug and Alcohol Use: Standards of Conduct 10/01/1992
Drug-Free Workplace 03/09/1989


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Economic and Regional Development NA
Electronic Direct Deposit 01/03/2012
Electronic Information Privacy 03/13/2003
Email (Student) 7/18/05
Emeritus Association NA
Emeritus Faculty Organization NA
Employee Assistance Program NA
Employee Performance Evaluation (Civil Service) 04/19/1995
Employee Service Awards NA
Employment After Retirement 02/06/2015
Employment/Career Counseling (Civil Service) NA
Employment of Non-U.S. Citizens 03/31/2015
Export Control Management N/A
Extended Sick Leave Benefit: Information and Procedures NA


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Faculty (Definition) NA
Faculty and Staff Ombudsman NA
Faculty Senate Operating Paper 08/25/2015
Faculty Development Projects NA
Faculty Qualifications and Tested Experience 01/09/2020
Family and Medical Leave (Policy) 07/01/2009
Family and Medical Leave Procedures NA
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 09/26/2003
Family Military Leave Act 11/09/18
FCOI Policy (Financial Conflict of Interest on Federal Grants Policy) 04/29/2014
Field Trip Policy 09/18/2012
Firearms 03/10/2014
Fiscal Emergency 6/14/84
Freedom of Information Act 02/11/2010
Fund-Raising, Canvassing, Soliciting, Vending, and Allied Advertising on University Property 08/13/2021


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General Counsel NA
General Salary Policies and Procedures NA
Graduation Requirements (prior to 2013-14 academic year) 02/16/2000
Graduation Requirements (effective 2013-14 academic year) 01/11/2012
Grievance Procedure for A/P Staff 07/20/2000
Grievance Procedure for Faculty 01/01/2017
Grievance Procedure for non-Negotiated Civil Service Employees 04/10/2002
Graduate Faculty and Graduate Council, Operating Paper for the 11/02/1989


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Health and Life Insurance and Other Benefits NA
Hiring Foreign Nationals 11/01/2010
Hiring and Appointments (Civil Service) 05/23/1996
Hiring Procedures (Civil Service) NA
Hiring Procedures (Faculty and A/P) 02/04/2014
History, SIU NA
Holidays 10/14/05
Housing Policies and Regulations 07/08/2009
Hoverboards 01/13/16
Human Resource Network for Opportunities (HR INFO) NA


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Identification Cards NA
Illinois Board of Higher Education NA
Information Security Charter 06/05/2013
Information Technology NA
Installment Payment Plans for Tuition and Fees 01/15/2015
Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee Operating Paper 09/10/2002
International Programs NA


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Jury Duty, Leave for 8/26/04


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Layoff and Reemployment (Civil Service) NA
Law Library NA
Leaves/Absences (All Employees) 10/05/2006
Leaves/Absences (Civil Service) 08/26/2004
Leaves/Absences (Faculty and A/P) 08/26/2004


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Mail Service NA
Media, Student-Operated 04/16/1990
Medical Leave 05/23/1996
Medical Certification, Examination, and Inoculation 05/23/1996
Merit Salary Increase Guidelines (Civil Service) NA
Military Leave Policy (students) 08/18/2011
Military Service, Leave for 09/18/2001
Miscellaneous Benefits NA
Mission and Scope of SIUC 10/13/1988
Mission and Scope of the SIU System --
Morris Library NA
Motor Vehicle, Bicycle, In-line skates, Roller skates, and Skateboard Regulations --
Museum NA
Mutual Benefit, Leave for 05/23/1996


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Name and Address Change NA
Naming Physical Components of the University 05/22/1996
Nepotism 11/03/1982
New Employee Orientation (Civil Service) NA
News Service NA
Nonreappointment (Faculty and A/P) 05/14/1998
Nontenurable Faculty Appointments 05/23/1996
Non-Traditional Student Services 05/23/1996


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Ombudsman NA
Oral English Proficiency Requirement 06/27/1997
Overload Compensation 02/24/2011
Overtime Compensation 11/08/2016


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Participation in Disaster Relief Services, Leave for 01/31/1995
Patents and Copyrights 07/14/2016
Payroll Deductions NA
Performance Evaluation of A/P Staff 12/19/1996
Personal Information Protection Act 08/15/2014
Personal Leave 07/09/1999
Personnel Files 08/02/1995
Period of Annual Service 05/04/1995
Photocommunications NA
Photographic Services NA
Position Evaluation System (A/P) NA
Posthumous Degrees 03/05/2012
Pre-Employment Background Investigations 01/04/2006
Prescribed Burn Policy 04/07/2005
President NA
Print Communications NA
Printing/Duplicating Services NA
Probationary Period (Civil Service) NA
Procurement Rules of the Chief Procurement Officer for Public Institutions of Higher Education NA
Professional Development Leave (Faculty and A/P) 06/27/1996
Promotion (A/P) NA
Promotion (Civil Service) NA
Promotion Policies and Procedures for Faculty 12/31/2016
Public Safety NA


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Range Employees Committee: Operating Paper 05/01/1985
Recognition of Student Constituencies and the Registration of Student Organizations 08/13/2013
Recreation Center NA
Recycling, Recycled Products Procurement, and Waste Reduction 04/09/2005
Reimbursement for Entertainment of Visitors, Guests and Interviewees 04/20/1989
Reimbursement for Staff Meetings 12/01/1989
Release Time with Pay (Administrative/Professional) 09/20/2000
Released Time for Testing and Interviewing (Civil Service) 06/27/1996
Repayment of Educational Loans 05/23/1996
Reporting Absences 10/24/1995
Required Residency NA
Research Development and Administration NA
Research Faculty 05/23/1996
Research Misconduct: Policy and Procedures 12/11
Researcher Positions: Guidelines for Classification 5/23/96
Residency Status 10/08/1998
Resignation NA
Retention of Student Materials 06/14/2014
Retirement NA
Retirement Benefits, University-Provided NA
Retirement, Employment After NA


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Sabbatical Leave 01/28/1986
Salary Policies and Procedures (Civil Service) NA
Satisfactory Progress Policy for Undergraduate Students 06/30/2002
School Visitation, Leave for 01/31/1995
Seniority (Civil Service) NA
Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking 08/15/2014
Sexual Harassment 11/01/2010
Sick Leave (Civil Service) 10/09/1998
Sick Leave (Faculty and A/P) 10/09/1998
SIUC Smoke-Free Campus Policy 07/01/2015
SIU Foundation NA
SIU Press NA
SIUC in Niigata, Japan NA
Social Media
Software Piracy 02/13/1992
Spousal/Partner Search Waiver Policy 04/08/2019
Staff Development (Civil Service) NA
State Officials and Employee Ethics Act - Notice of Personnel Policies 04/21/2004
State Universities Retirement System (SURS) NA
Student Behavior: Policy and Procedures for Involuntary Withdrawal 06/03/1998
Student Center NA
Student Conduct Code 08/22/2016
Student Employment 07/31/2014
Student Health Programs NA
Student input in proposed changes to general student fees 05/20/2010
Students' Legal Assistance Program 05/17/2000


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Temporary Upgrades (Civil Service) NA
Tenure Policies and Procedures 12/31/2016
Textbook Authored by Course Instructor 09/27/1996
Title IX (PDF) 08/14/2020
Touch of Nature Environmental Center NA
Traffic and Parking Hearing Office NA
Transfers of Faculty to/from Administrative Positions 05/23/1996
Transit Service NA
Travel NA
Travel Regulations NA
Trespass/Ban From Campus 06/05/2013
Tuition and Fee Refunds 04/28/1987
Tuition on Research Grants 08/08/2012
Tuition Waivers for Employees 09/10/2001
Tuition Waiver for Children of Seven-Year Employees 08/26/2004
Tuition Waiver for Dependents of Deceased Employees 05/23/1996
Types of Appointments (Civil Service) 02/14/2014
Types of Appointments (Faculty and A/P) 05/23/1996


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Uniforms NA
University Activities, Leave for 05/23/1996
University Property, Use and Control of 10/27/2017
University Women of Distinction NA
Unmanned Aircraft Systems 12/23/2015


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Vacation (Civil Service) 05/23/1996
Vacation (Faculty and A/P) 06/27/1996
Victims' Economic Security and Safety Leave (VESSA) 01/04/2005
Vice Chancellor, Provost and NA
Vice Chancellor for Administration 
(Executive Director of Administration and Executive Director of Finance)
Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement NA
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management NA
Video Surveillance and Monitoring Policy 11/18/21
Violence 2001
Volunteer Emergency Worker Job Protection Act 03/23/2009
Volunteer Policy 06/04/2013
Voting in Elections, Leave for 05/23/1996


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Waiver of Tuition and Fees

Web Privacy Policy 09/18/2012
Web Standards 04/23/2010
Women's Professional Advancement NA

Working Hours (Civil Service)